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Enzyme Rescue successfully used to treat co-founder's mother 2nd degree facial burns and prevent scarring on 21st April 21.
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In the News

Aug 2021: Girlstyle Singapore "This Time-Saving Skincare Product Moisturises, Brightens & Treats Acne with Just A Quick Spray"

Their Perfecting Skin Essence Spray (S$68) is particularly loved by the beauty community for its convenient, multi-purpose function to tackle just about any skin issue from acne and dullness to dryness and ageing.

It can also be used not just on the face but the rest of the body too.

March 2021: Daily Vanity's Users Review on Brightening Angelica and Enzyme Rescue

8 reviewers with different skin type (1. Dry, combination or oily skin, 2. Sensitive skin, 3. Eczema and 4. Acne-prone skin) give their honest opinions. 

September 2020: Review by Girlstyle Singapore

Rachel from Girl Style shows you how to dress up with Rock & Herb's lippies and reviews our moisturisers! 

June 2019: 女友

近年来,洁净美容(Clean Beauty)的主张在护肤领域和社交网络上日趋流行。当中,Rock & Herb绝对是最亮眼超群的品牌之一。

June 2019: Her World - The innovative skincare range that only uses All-Natural Ingredients

Meet Rock & Herb – the new powerhouse that fuses nature, science and tradition in its approach to beauty

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