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Effective topical skincare with bioactives that address skin concerns on a biocellular level. Formulated without retinol, chemical sunscreens and parabens- ingredients known to be harmful for pregnant women and environment.

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  • Nesquah

    I’ve started using Rock & Herb’s Enzyme Rescue Moisturizer. Honestly, I’ve been having breakouts during the lockdown and it has caused plenty of scars on my face. Decided to try this product and I didn’t regret one single bit (my scars have all faded) Rock & Herb has rescued me from my anxiety.

  • Julia Yeck

    Rich and nourishing yet light and easily absorbed, and does not break out my sensitive skin. Love their products.

  • bewitched123

    Love the lipstick! Its very lasting and won't transfer to mask or to cup when you drink water. Feels matte but not drying. Coral red suits my warm skin tone.

  • Evie Ibbotsonn

    I was very happy with Brightening Angelica. It made my skin really glow and felt much softer. I could also see a clear difference under my eyes as I do have slight bags and I am really happy with the outcome.

  • 1isnvrenough

    Super fast delivery.. came within 2 days of ordering. This is by far my favourite lipstick cause it's not too drying and it really is smudge prove if u let the lipstick set for about 10mins. Colours are very close to my natural lip colour so it gives a very natural look. Love it

  • seahwendy168

    Rich & creamy but skin doesn't feel oily after application. Love the smell too, hope it works on my sensitive skin.

  • Sumoysl

    Second purchase within a month!! Am soooo in love with these products as it works wonder!!

  • bellez87

    It’s hard for me to find a lip gloss which is suitable for me and I really like this lots. It lightens my lip’s color and goes well with my make-up. Will purchase from this seller again in the future.

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  • Dr Su Chew

    "Perfect skin most of the monthly cycle and saved on foundation"

  • Dr Wilfried Moreira

    "Remarkable botanical blends that deliver a holistic approach to skin health"

  • Dr Katy Most

    "Great products that you need to implement in your skincare regime"

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