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Our Mission

Rock & Herb’s mission is clear and healthy skin for everyone, focusing on acne, eczema, hyperpigmentation and rejuvenation (repair of damaged and aged skin). In its mission, Rock & Herb creates result-driven products using clean ingredients that it researches on, sourced around the world.

What does clean, result-driven ingredients mean?

Clean means free of parabens, undesirable solvents in bioactive extraction, sodium lauryl sulphate, toxic chemical sunscreens, propylene glycol, lanolin and common allergens. Once their purity has been verified, they are tested for effectiveness in solving various skin conditions. After this step, they are considered 'clean, result driven ingredients'.

Why the Mission and clean, result-driven ingredients?

Because the skin health of both the individual and family is a core focus of Rock & Herb. Rock & Herb started by creating clean, effective but retinol-free anti-aging and anti-dark spot products, Enzyme Rescue Face Moisturiser and Brightening Angelica Face Moisturiser respectively, for new mothers. 

Rock & Herb has extended its focus to acne and hydration with Perfecting Skin Essence-Spray for youth and adults alike. It is now in the midst of formulating a hypoallergenic steroid-free, Relief Recovery Cream for eczema that is safe for all ages (coming soon).

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