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Post Laser, Cuts & Burns Regimen

Caring for damaged skin and reducing scarring

Wound Management & Scarring

When the dermis is injured and exposed, immune cells rush to the site to fight and protect the body from bacteria and foreign invaders, causing inflammation. The body rapidly starts producing collagen and platelets rush to clump with collagen and close the gap. The rapid production of collagen can result in the new tissue having a different texture and quality than the surrounding tissue, thus forming a scar. The larger and more severe the injury, the more likely a scar will form.

When the body overproduces collagen at the site of injury, a raised scar or keloid forms. When the skin shrinks during recovery, a scar contracture forms. Scar contractures are usually caused by burns and have a wrinkled leathery appearance.

Enzyme Rescue Facial Moisturiser found to be effective in gently removing damaged skin, nourishing the skin and facilitating scarless repair when applied 3 days post burn in a 2nd degree burns victim. Always seek medical attention and follow medical advice for any wound and burn.

Post Laser, Cuts & Burns Regime

Stage 1: Reduce Inflammation & Prevent Infection

During injury, the body's immune cells rush to the injured site, resulting in swelling. In the case of burns, clean and cool running water should be used, not ice.

Moderate and serious cases need medical attention, and a doctor will prescribe you antibiotics to manage the infection, and painkillers to reduce pain and inflammation for the first stage of healing.

Healing can be itchy and doctors may prescribe you hydrocortisone steroid and anti-histamines to reduce itch and bring down inflammation.

Stage 2: Cleanse

If site of injury is allowed to come contact with water, you can continue your usual daily cleansing routine for that area.

Brightening Phytate Foam Cleanser is a gentle, SLS-free cleanser that uses a plant based chelator, Sodium Phytate to help remove impurities and grime. Panthenol leaves the skin moisturised and not overly dry. To cleanse, massage 1-2 pumps of foam onto face, allowing foam to lift impurities and oil and rinse thoroughly.

Naturally scented with German Chamomile, Pine and Mint essential oil. Whilst Rock & Herb takes care in avoiding impurities and allergenic oils, those sensitive to pine and pollen should avoid using this cleanser.

Stage 3: Repair & Renew

After risk of infection has been minimized, you may being moisturising the injured area with Enzyme Rescue. At the core of Enzyme Rescue's technology are stabilised fruit enzymes, Papain and Bromelain, that digest damaged protein to release 'new' amino acids to nourish and repair skin collagen. Papain and Bromelain work in synergy with one another and give superior results than using one enzyme alone. Removal of damaged protein also prepares the skin to uptake bioactives.

Enzyme Rescue also contains Vitamin C and Vitamin Eto protect the skin from oxidative damage, and Hyaluronic Acidto moisturise the skin. Spread a small amount on post laser or injured skin twice a day.


Enzyme Rescue is effective as long as the healing process is ongoing and the body is still trying to repair the injury. For minor injuries, this is usually within days, and for more serious injuries Enzyme Rescue should be applied within 1-2 weeks. For international orders, we recommend expedited shipping in order to get the product to you fastest.

Allergic reaction caused by impurities or inappropiate chemicals within the product can lead to heavy rashes and severe peeling that look like burns. Enzyme Rescue can help reduce scarring and repair of skin for these cases.

Some injuries will leave a paler skin due to the lost of upper skin layers- these will usually fade away as new skin grows back. As Enzyme Rescue will help renewal of new skin, it can help in bringing healthy pigmentation back faster.

Dark marks or hyperpigmentation at site of injury can also occur from the inflammation. Brightening Angelica will help in fading such hyperpigmentation. Thus the combination of the two creams will be best suited for evening skintone.

Post Laser, Cuts & Burns

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