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The Brighten Up Regimen

Laser focus on translucent and even skintone

Melasma (Hyperpigmentation)

Melasma is caused when certain cells in the skin, known as melanocytes, up-regulate their tyrosinase activity to produce more melanin than normal in different locations of the skin, causing dark spots and uneven skintone.

Some factors that causing abnormal up-regulation of tyrosinase activity are (1) UV-Damage, (2) Hormonal Changes (3) Inflammation and Oxidative Damage.

Our case study shows Brightening Angelica Facial Moisturiser reducing melasma caused by allergies (inflammation) and poor skin routines after 1 month of consistent use. For melasma not caused by allergies, it is recommended that the whole Brighten Up regimen be followed.

Brighten Up Regimen

Twice a day in AM and PM.

Step 1: Cleanse

Cleansing is often the first step to any regime. Our Brightening Phytate Foam Cleanser is a gentle, SLS-free cleanser that uses a plant based chelator, Sodium Phytate to help remove impurities and grime. Sodium Phytate is also an effective skin lightener in above concentrations of 0.5% (we use 1.0%). Panthenol leaves the skin moisturised and not overly dry. Naturally scented with German Chamomile, Pine and Mint essential oil.

Massage 1-2 pumps of foam onto face, allowing foam to lift impurities and oil. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if wearing make-up to double cleanse.

Step 2: Clarify & Hydrate

Whilst many skip this step, the addition of a clarifying and hydrating step can significantly improve skin condition. Users experience deeper and longer moisturization, and feel that their skin has strengthened after 2 weeks when using essence versus moisturiser alone.

The Perfecting Skin Essence-Spray is a powerful hybrid of a toner and serum. It uses botanical AHAs that penetrate deep into the pores to brighten, hydrate and plump the skin. AHAs in combination with biosulfur are effective in combating bacteria. Niacinamidebrightens the skin and regulates oil production. Witch Hazel is used to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation.

When skin is excessively oil and acne-prone, heavily mist (3-4 sprays) Perfecting Skin Essence to wet skin. Pat dry into skin and finish the regime. When skin is normal or dry, lighty mist (1-2 sprays), Pat dry into skin and proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Brighten

Brightening Angelica uses three different actives that target different parts of the melanin production pathyway to reduce melasma and even skin tone.

Angelica Extract reduces the amount of tyrosinase present in melanocytes, whereeas Arbutin stops tyrosinase from producing melanin. Niacinamidestops the trasnfer of melanin from melanocyte (lower skin cell) to keratinocytes (upper skin cells).

Brightening Angelica also contains Vitamin C to protect the skin from oxidative damage, and Hyaluronic Acidto moisturise the skin. Spread evenly onto face in the night after applying Perfecting Skin Essence.



Step 1: Cleanse (Brightening Phytate) ▶︎ Step 2: Clarify & Hydrate (Light Misting with Perfecting Skin Essence) ▶︎ Step 3: Brighten (Brightening Angelica)


Step 1: Cleanse (Brightening Phytate) ▶︎ Step 2: Clarify & Hydrate (Heavy Misting with Perfecting Skin Essence) ▶︎ Step 3: Brighten (Brightening Angelica)

Skip Step 2 is for 3-5 days to allow skin to recover from treatment.


Step 1: Cleanse (Brightening Phytate) ▶︎ Step 3: Brighten (Brightening Angelica)

Brighten Up

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